Woody Allen On Comedy CD - AUDIO ONLY

Woody rarely gives interviews these days, but he totally opens up on this CD. Learn how his mind works when creating ideas, writing routines, editing the final product and performing his timeless classics. This CD is worth more than its weight in gold!
Sample Tracks:
Ad-Libbing in a Nightclub
What The Audience Identifies With
Advice To Comedians

1. Writing…13.59
2. Formats and Styles…7:01
3. Stage Persona…3:36
4. Ad Libs…1:06
5. Audience Response…5:56
6. Relating to Woody…2:34
7. Rise To Stardom…4:15
8. Woody’s Influences…1:59
9. Comedy and Pain…1:57
10. Advice…4:42

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