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Steve Sabo - Midgets, Cream Corn and a Tubfull of Jello CD - AUDIO ONLYSteve Sabo - Midgets, Cream Corn and a Tubfull of Jello CD - AUDIO ONLY

Nearly an hour of stand up material recorded live in Battle Creek, Michigan. With two additional bonus tracks, this CD will have you laughing for hours after the recording is over. Includes such classic bits as "tequila", "ranting and raving" and "dysfunctional".

Click to enlargeSteve Sabo - Banned From Wichita - CD AUDIO ONLY
Track Listings:


2.)Small towns/ stupid people

3.) Liquor in the Front

4.) Trojan Hooker

5.) Boob Tube

6.) Snot-nosed little bastards

7.) SUVs and Camel Toes

8.) Shoulda been a rock star


10.) Mullets, Hooters and the Olsen Twins

11.) Punched in the Face

12.) Rules of Dating

13.) Encore?

14.) Outro

With 7 Live Bonus Tracks

15.) Spread Eagle


17.) Deformed Waiter

18.) Pussified

19.) Gas Stations and Rest Areas

20.) Georgia Ass-kicking

21.) How 2 Remove a size 7 flip flop from your colon


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