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Proctor & Bergman - The Comedy of Proctor & Bergman - Give Us A Break - CD Audio Only

Proctor & Bergman's classic comedy recording "Give Us A Break" now available on CD!

Track Listings:

1. Hot Rock Radio Intro

2. Carumba

3. Brainduster Memory School

4. Whale Oil

5. U.N. In Session

6. Dr. X

7. Consumer Watchdog

8. Fab Fad Fashions


10. Ten-Shun

11. C B Course

12. Lemon Car

13. Movie Spots

14. Chef Entree

15. Nukes In The News

16. Flu Song

17. Sweetened History

18. Sat Nite Gun Mart

19. Sneezer's Chicken

20. What Did That Man Say?

21. Hot Rock Radio Outro

22. Our Natural Anthem

Written, Produced and Performed by Philip Proctor & Peter Bergman


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