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Initially trained as a Nuclear Weapons Officer, where he served his country during the Gulf War, this college graduate from the University of Dayton on a lark, took time off from medical school and teaching, grade school science to try his luck as a comedian. The gamble has since paid off handsomely.

His first major comedy stint was on DEF COMEDY JAM and since that appearance, it was obvious that there was something special about Clark.

He drove the audience crazy not only with his R-rated wit and soliloquies, but also with his chiseled body.

Soon after his appearance on that show, the FOX network cast him in the sketch comedy series THE NEWZ. During this time, he became known for both his comedic talent and his versatility to impersonate other superstars such as Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Malcolm X.

Mystro Clark - Sexy, Funny, Bastard! CD - AUDIO ONLY
Mystro Clark - Sexy, Funny, Bastard! CD - AUDIO ONLY


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