Marc Ryan

Once youíve been exposed to Marc Ryan you canít help but to be drawn in by his charismatic charm. His stage presence is undeniable and Hollywood is taking notice.

Click to enlargeWho Wants Some Of This CD - AUDIO ONLY
The much anticipated LIVE performance from Marc Ryan, one of America's top club comics, is over an hour long and includes a separate bonus CD-ROM for your computer. The bonus CD-ROM includes a 9 minute video clip, exclusive photos, and a never before seen animation!

Sample Tracks
My Cousin Buck on TV
Who Wants Some of This

Click to enlargeMarc Ryan - FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS - CD audio
1. Trailer Revolution
2. Hillbillies and Dogs Collin
3. Maw Maw Marc
4. The Grandma Song
5. Gay Uncle Collin
6. Caskets Marc
7. Lemons Collin
8. Shot Girl
9. Real Shot Girl Story Radio Interview
10. Goin' Drinkin' Collin
11. A Drunk Dial
12. Cell Phones Marc
13. Friends with Benefits
14. Captain Save a Ho Marc
15. Cowlicks, Flies, and Muppets Collin
16. Stuck
17. In Love Collin
18. Distressed Marc
19. Birds and Bees Collin
20. El Paso Toast
21. Slave to the Shave
22. Morning Love Collin
23. Crazy Sex Marc
24. Self Love
25. Shot Girl Bonus Studio Track
26. Self Love Bonus Studio Track


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