Johnny Carson On Comedy CD - AUDIO ONLY

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeers Johnny, with the best advice on comedy you’ve ever heard. Learn what made the king of late night so successful. He shares his secrets and the inner working of the comedy business, as well as how he honed his comic persona. Johnny takes us step by step in how his masterful monologues were created. A short course on how to be funny.

1. Comedy Magic…3:45
2. Writing Jokes…5:46
3. The Entertainer…1:41
4. Likability…3:04
5. Ad Libbing…2:40
6. Tchnique…4:33
7. Joke Construction…3:25
8. The Monologue…3:58
9. Acceptance…2:23
10. Persona…1:23
11. More Techniques…6:48
12. Ego…1:16
13. Sex Appeal and Love…3:11
14. Comedy and Tragedy…2:19
15. Rapport…2:01
16. The Audience…6:01
17. Dirty Material and Put Downs…3:30
18. Human Nature…3:25
19. Education…2:01

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