The Eradicators

The Eradicators are damn funny, but they do not condone harassment of any sort, spousal abuse, drug abuse, degradation, intimidation, crime, alcoholism, or racism. Their CD has not been tested on animals and does not contain MSG. For more info, contact their lawyer Claire Huxtable at 1-976--KISSMYASS ($3.95 a minute)

South Of The Border Where The Tuna Fish Play CD - AUDIO ONLYA must for all prank call enthusiasts. These smart asses venture where most pranksters fear to tread,and use every trick in the book including sound f/x, voice changers, and a cast of characters that rivals most sketch comedy shows. The Eradicators utilize linguistic playfulness to irritate their victims,sometimes reducing them to tears. A perfect x-mas gift for that punk you know that's so hard to shop for. If you haven't heard it yet, I guarantee you've heard nothing like it. The best thing since sliced bread. So have the right eraditude and buy it today.For the love of Joe!


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