1. A Fine How-Do-Ya-Do!
2. Why Our Family Is Nice
3. My Childhood, Yes
4. Downtown Downers Grove
5. I'm A Great Lover, I Bet
6. How To Escape Death
7. Equustentialism
8. A "Dreamy" Dilemma?

Emo Philips Live At The Hasty Pudding Theatre
  9. Finding The Microphone
10. Duck-Billed Platitudes
11. College - The Best 6 Weeks Of My Life
12. Poetry and Scuba Diving
13. Why I Am Quite Handy With The Ladies
14. The Perils Of Inbreeding
15. Kafka-Doodle-Do
16. For A Fist Full Of Cole Slaw
17. Animal Square Dance
18. How Girls Can Score With Me

Special note: this profanity-free CD makes a great gift for the twisted of almost any age!


Two classic comedy albums on one CD!

"If David Lynch is Jimmy Stewart from Mars, Emo is Buster Keaton from Venus…" -- Evening Standard

"His jokes are more perfectly constructed, and his personality more compelling, than anyone else's ...his comic fusillade is irresistible." -- The Guardian

"Has a glitteringly sharp comic mind ...it's hard to criticize when your windpipe is in a reef knot from concussive laughter..." -- Sunday Herald

"Utterly idiosyncratic. Refreshing, cranky and extraordinarily funny." -- The Times

"If Kafka had done stand-up comedy, he might have talked and looked like Emo Philips." -- New Yorker

"The E.T. of comedy…. A wise child spewing barbed aphorisms." -- New York Times

"It's a relief to discover the straightforward gagman… as a master of one-liners, he's way ahead of anyone else." -- The Independent

"A postgraduate course in lunacy from the master of macabre mischief, incapable of presenting a stale premise or uttering a flat line. He is the velociraptor of comedy: smart, sneaky and merciless." -- (Minneapolis) Star Tribune

"Hilariously funny...a breathtaking performance." -- New York Post

A massacre of laughs." -- (Twin) City Pages

"Flawless comic timing." -- People Magazine

"A one-man asylum, worth the trip." -- Boston Globe

"Very funny and very strange." -- Chicago Tribune

"Unexpected delights pop up with unerring regularity in what is a cascade of comic invention." -- The Scotsman

"Utterly hilarious." -- Glasgow Herald

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