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George Carlin
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Winner of the 51st Grammy Award
Best Comedy Album of the Year.

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Eat or Be Eaten one of the last remaining Firesign Theatre albums never to be reissued on CD is the story of Player (Peter Bergman) and his journey into and out of the game world of Kudzu County: a dangerous American hinterland of virgin sacrifices, Sphinx disk jockeys, discount all-weather art warehouses, and Shoplifters Markets.

A hilarious artifact of the Digital Bronze Age, order "Eat or Be Eaten" today!

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The Comedy of
Proctor & Bergman

"Give Us a Break"

In Loving Memory..
Jonathan Winters
"In Concert"

Jonathan Winters

Smothers Brothers - Tour De Farce Smothers - Play it Straight Smothers - Golden Hits

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Buddy Hackett - Live and Uncensored Disc 1 Buddy Hackett - Live and Uncensored Disc 2Buddy Hackett is Stanley

Tickling the Overies

John Valby's new singles now available from iTunes.

Franklin Ajaye

Stephen Lynch

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Pat Cooper Our Hero

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Jonathan Winters

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Robert Klein

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